How to insert less than 3 MB pdf, .jpg, doc files in a normal collection and free JDBC driver for download

Dear All,

I am very new to MongoDB and I have build a test setup having a test MongoDB database and a test collection in it. I needed help on the following 2 points :-

  1. I have a few .pdf, .doc. .jpg etc … files on the Desktop of the Windows PC (i.e. “C:\Desktop\Documents”) and each one of them are less that 3 MB in size. I wanted to insert them into the normal test collection (i.e. table) of the test database that I have created. I read it somewhere that you don’t require a GridFS to be setup if the media files are less that 16 MB. Kindly help me with the syntax or command or steps on how to insert these less than 3 MB files in the normal collection of a the MongoDB database ?

  2. Kindly guide me from where I can download the free JDBC driver for MongoDB database ?

Kindly help.

You can download the driver from this site: MongoDB Java Driver.

Hello Prasad,
Thank you for your reply. Can you guide me to the actual link from where I can download the JDBC driver as I am not able to locate it.

The environment is as under :-
MongoDB instance is running on Linux system
Java Developers systems are Windows PC

The Java Developer need to connect their java programs from Windows PC to the MongoDB instance on the linux system.

Kindly help.

See this link: Java Driver without Maven