How to import JSON (1GB) into MongoDB faster?

I want to import this json file in upsert mode in MongoDB.


This file is almost 1GB (the compressed version is 90MB as you can see in the hyperlinked file).

Exporting this zip file and importing the 1GB takes >50 minutes.
It has taken 20 minutes to complete 25% of import.
Which is too time consuming, is there any faster way to do this?

.\mongoimport.exe --uri="mongodb://localhost/optmyzr" --collection=openWeatherData --mode=upsert --file="daily_16.json"

Since the input file is in a non-BSON format, it needs to be converted into BSON while importing, which is where most of the time is spent. Also, mongoimport is a single threaded operation. The simplest way to expedite is to split the file into multiple input chunks and run the import operation parallelly against each input chunk.

Note: The no. of parallel processes should be less than the no. of logical CPU Cores on the machine, as each process will run on a single core.

As answered here, creating an index on the upsert field, really reduced the time to 2 minutes.

Replace existing documents in the database with matching documents from the import file. mongoimport will insert all other documents.

A query will be performed on the specified fields, so that’s why an index should exist for them. Otherwise it will be apparently slow.

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