How to host your own MongoDB server without using hosting providers?

So I basically want to host my own MongoDB database on my own hosting computer rather then using AWS, google hosting and such like hosting providers, how to do it? I did some research and couldnt really find anything. Any reply would be appreciated, thanks! :slight_smile:

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You did not found anything because there is nothing special about it. Aside from mongod specific configuration there is nothing particular about it. Just like any other server platform. Install, configure and then run, just like a web server.

Hi @SomeoneOnTheInternet,

The Installation Tutorials in the MongoDB manual have instructions for installing in supported operating systems (Linux, Windows, macOS, …).

Installation in a desktop or laptop environment is similar to installing in a hosted environment, but hosting providers will often have specific firewall and network configuration steps.

I strongly recommend reviewing the MongoDB Security Checklist to ensure your deployment is properly secured.

If you run into any installation or configuration issues, this is a good forum to ask questions in. Including some information on your environment (specific O/S version, MongoDB server version, tool/driver version, …) and the problem you are encountering (steps to reproduce, expected outcome, and actual outcome) will help get faster and more relevant suggestions.


I asked a simular question last month where my post was derailed by solitiations of commercial offerings which were off-topic to the original question.

I hope my reply can signal boost your question and we can get some more detailed suggestions and guidance on hardware/Ops.

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But how do I host it? I’ts not like a file which you can host directly so thats what’s confusing me, do you possibly have any info sources available [eg websites, pdf’s… etc]?

I would recommend that you take some courses from I think you are missing some fundamental concepts about hosting and servers in general. The courses will help you. Start with M001 and then you may try M103. Once you master the material covered in those 2 basic courses you should be able to deploy a server which is the first step of hosting.

This is exactly what i needed, thank you so much!