How to host a publicly available server locally?

I am using MongoDB community server to host a server locally on a Windows computer . I wish to connect remotely from a Linux server over pymongo, but I get TimeoutException as the Python instance cannot establish a connection to my MongoDB server. However, I am able to connect to the server from the same network, just not outside my WiFi.

Local environment:
OS: Windows 11
db version: v7.0.8
distarch: x86_64
target_arch: x86_64
The instance is started on the command line using the script “mongod --bind_ip” with default port 27017. Confirmed that it is listening on

The router has been configured with portforwarding, routing external connections to the computer’s public IP on external port 27017 to the computer’s local IPv4 address on internal port 27017. My router is using DHCP but the local address is preferred and seems to remain quite static.

The Windows firewall has been configured to allow all connections on port 27017. I have even tried disabling the firewall to no avail.

Remote environment:
OS: Ubuntu 22.04
pymongo version: 4.6.2
Python version: 3.8

Is there something I am missing? Are you not supposed to be able to host locally on community server?