How to get Atlas hostnames using CLI and API

Hi there,
I am currently trying to automate my log-downloading process from Atlas. I am using atlas logs download <hostname> <mongodb.gz|mongos.gz|mongosqld.gz|mongodb-audit-log.gz|mongos-audit-log.gz> [options] for CLI
and curl --user '{PUBLIC-KEY}:{PRIVATE-KEY}' --digest \ --header 'Accept: application/gzip' \ --request GET "{GROUP-ID}/clusters/{HOSTNAME}/logs/mongodb.gz" \ --output "mongodb.gz" for API.

My question is how can I get the hostname parameter using API and CLI?


Hi @Jie_Dong,
I’m sorry the experience is sub-optimal here and not as straight forward as we’d like to. The best way to get the hostname is to use Get Processes endpoint or “atlas process list -o json” command in the Atlas CLI. Host name example:

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