How to get a MongoDB job?


I like MongoDB i really do, and i hope to get a job using MongoDB.
I like programming also, but i like the database more.

So the question is what else to learn to get a job that i mainly work with MongoDB?
Even if job was MongoDB alone(design database, queries, admin etc) it would be nice for me, but i dont see such jobs in Greece.

From my searches i think nodejs can help alot to be backend engineer.
If someone can make a list with the popular technologies around MongoDB would be helpful.

Thank you

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Two main stacks are MEAN (MongoDB, Express, Angular, Node.js) and MERN (MongoDB, Express, React, Node.js).

So, you are right. Node.js is really popular these days. And since it’s JavaScript, it’s perfect for MongoDB.

For the jobs, I think that LinkedIn is great place, or you can check Indeed. Also, you can create an account on Upwork and search for MongoDB jobs as a freelancer.


Thank you for your reply, i was thinking MERN also as the easiest way to get a job that i mainly use MongoDB.

I like programming so its ok for me, to know those, but in practise one programmer works in all the stack? or knows enough to communicate with the other programmers in the team?

For example i can imagine knowing reactjs, but i dont think i am the right person to build and style webpages in a professional way.

You can specialize in only frontend or backend if you want. You don’t have to know full-stack. If you would like to work with MongoDB, then it’s better to specialize in backend. You can learn Node.js (Express) for example.

Here is a great course that would cover both Node.js (Express) and MongoDB: You can enroll for free.