How to fix: warning: log line attempted (24kB) over max size (10kB), printing beginning and

Hi Team,

how do i know before running query size, does not excess over to max size.

any command or tool and also how to reduce size once reaching 10kb size

Any update please
suggestion with examples

Hi @hari_dba,

This warning just indicates that a long log line was truncated in the output of the server log: the query still executed normally. Queries are normally only logged when they are slower than the slowOpThresholdMs (default: 100ms).

If you have a query which is >10KB, it likely includes a long list of values (for example, an $in query) that do not need to be logged in order to understand the query shape. Log lines are truncated based on the maxLogSizeKB (default: 10) to reduce some of the logging overhead for queries that are both slow to execute and lengthy in terms of filter values.

Note: log truncation only trims values from the middle of the query (the beginning and end of a line are always printed for context).