How to find queries associated with a transaction

We are seeing some TXN in our mongo logs that are taking over 4000ms, is there a way to look at which queries are being ran in the transaction in the log file? Below is an example of what we are seeing in our logs.

2021-07-28T14:30:31.409-0500 I TXN [conn6945] transaction parameters:{ lsid: { id: UUID(“144c8416-f463-45ee-9630-c7f351b8ad01”), uid: BinData(0, F93F13826B419E3A90F85710113DCE36D6840DD94C490A4ACEC0874FA3025E6A) }, txnNumber: 61, autocommit: false }, numParticipants:1, terminationCause:committed, commitType:singleShard, commitDurationMicros:917, timeActiveMicros:7403, timeInactiveMicros:4370230, 4377ms

Hi @tapiocaPENGUIN ,

There is the txnNumber and the logical session id (lsid).

Those should identify transaction operations


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