How to extend for Realm Legacy?

Hi Drew - Can you give us more information about how to extend for Realm Legacy? We haven’t followed any news from Realm services for a long time. Until our system had an error from yesterday related to “Instance is not ready”.

Please email to request an extension. Separately, we will only be able to extend the EoL for Realm Cloud for 3-months so we suggest beginning the migration process immediately.


Hi Drew, I am a product owner working on the same service with Dat.
Can we use it for 3 months if I apply for an extension via email as you suggested?
We have a difficult time making the transition before Nov 1 and would like to consider doing it during those 3 months.

Hi – You will be able to use Legacy Realm deployments that have been granted an extension between 11/01 and 2/01. However, please note that ability to support these deployments during that timeframe may be limited.

Hi Drew - OK, We understand that Legacy Realm will be available until February 1st.
We will continue to investigate and implement as soon as possible.
But the Legacy Realm seems to be unstable even now.
The situation in this topic occurred multiple times last night.

Hi – We will move your instance from a ‘basic’ instance to ‘dedicated’ which should help.