How to estimate the total time required for Mongo Atlas Cluster Upgrade from 4.0* to 5.0*


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We are going to upgrade mongo atlas cluster from 4.0.* to 5.0*. I want to know how to estimate total time require. Is it depend any parameter like DB Size/ Instance type etc…


Hi @Yogesh_Bhamare - Welcome to the community.

Performing an upgrade of a staging cluster with the same (or similar) data (and workload if possible) as your production cluster may give you the closest general estimate to how long it would take although it may be difficult to replicate production workload onto a staging cluster. I would refer to the Upgrade Major MongoDB Version for a Cluster documentation which details considerations as well as staging upgrade details including the following (step 6 of upgrading a staging cluster):

…Consider measuring the time required by Atlas to upgrade the cluster to set a general expectation for your production cluster upgrade.


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