How to emulate a subquery and remove value from an array

I’m attempting to remove the stringified ID from a document in one collection from an any arrays in another collection in mongosh. Below is a full script to execute the attempt.

It seems to be working up until I try to access the value in the returned object.

        {_id: ObjectId("66477b28bf237b16b21a55b6"), value: "value1"},
        {_id: ObjectId("66477b28bf237b16b21a55b7"), value: "value2"},
        {_id: ObjectId("66477b28bf237b16b21a55b8"), value: "value3"},
        {_id: ObjectId("66477b28bf237b16b21a55b9"), value: "value4"}
    {name: "name1", values: ["66477b28bf237b16b21a55b6", "66477b28bf237b16b21a55b7"]},
    {name: "name2", values: ["66477b28bf237b16b21a55b6", "66477b28bf237b16b21a55b8"]},
    {name: "name3", values: ["66477b28bf237b16b21a55b7", "66477b28bf237b16b21a55b9"]},
    {name: "name4", values: ["66477b28bf237b16b21a55b8", "66477b28bf237b16b21a55b9"]}

let valueId = db.collection1.aggregate([
    {$match: {value: "value4"}},
    {$project: {idString: {"$toString": "$_id"}}}
// The print statement above shows:
//  _id: ObjectId('66477b28bf237b16b21a55b9'),
//  idString: '66477b28bf237b16b21a55b9'

// This works:
//db.collection2.updateMany({}, {
//        $pull: { values: "66477b28bf237b16b21a55b9" }
//    }

// This does not:
db.collection2.updateMany({}, {
        $pull: { values: valueId.idString }

The variable valueId is the result of aggregate() which is a cursor.

If you are absolutely sure you get a single document from your aggregation you may use


to get the value you want.

However, I think it is best to iterate the cursor. See

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