How to efficiently export 3 million documents from MongoDB Atlas collection to CSV file using NodeJS

Hi guys, we have a collection in MongoDB Atlas with 3 million documents and using NodeJS we need to export them to CSV. We cannot use MONGOEXPORT or MONGODUMP, it is a process that must be developed as an API.

For this, we are working with the fast-csv library, but we have the problem that we must pass an array to the fastcsv.write() method as input data for the creation of the CSV.

The problem is that the transformation to an array of the 3 million documents returned by the query to Mongo is consuming a lot of time and memory.

Could you give us a hand to know how to develop this for it works in the most efficient way possible?

Here is a sample of the code we are testing.

P.D. Questions that can also help us:

  1. Do you know of any library or way to do this more efficiently?
  2. Is there a way to NOT have to convert the data returned in the query to an array so that it is written to the CSV file?

Thank you.

I think the major issue with this code is the call toArray. Because all documents are loaded in memory. This means you might not have enough RAM and you start swapping.

I would get the documents from the cursor using a simple loop as shown in I do not know fastcsv but I am pretty sure it has API to write one document at a time.