How to drop collection with name include character "�"?

I made a mistake when create a collection with name: logs_tést

When list collections it show: “logs_t�est”

But I can’t drop that collection. db.collection("logs_t�est").drop() is not working.

Try this


It still not work

I know that collection in mongodb storage is collection-4-4969674282599216290.wt

Can I delete file wt in mongodb path?

Never ever handle files in there.


looks like you have cut-n-paste and e-acute from a Mac to create the collection.

The collection name will probably shows as logs_tést on a Mac but as logs_t�est everywhere else.

As seen here you can have both but they are different.

mongosh> db.getCollectionNames()
         'text',           'col2',
  'collectionA',         'player',
          'c_b', 'push_new_field',
         'col1',     'Tournament',
    'computers',     'logs_t�est',
        'dates',    'collectionB',
          'c_a',              't',
         'test',      'logs_tést'

I don’t think you will be able to type in the anywhere else other than on a Mac UI.

So try again what has been recommended:

But do not type the collection name, cut-n-paste it. With cut-n-paste it seems to work:

mongosh> db.getCollection( "logs_t�est").insertOne( {})
{ acknowledged: true,
  insertedId: ObjectId("6283b5c5d2acef6da4352078") }
mongosh> db.getCollection( "logs_t�est").find()
{ _id: ObjectId("6283b5c5d2acef6da4352078") }
mongosh> db.getCollection( "logs_t�est").drop()
mongosh> db.getCollectionNames()

I tried your way. But it still does not work

It did work. You got true as the output of your drop().

  1. May be your collection is very big and it takes time before the drop is completed.
  2. You have another process somewhere that recreates the same collection over and over.

Can you share some of the documents from that collection.

I think when insertOne it create a new collection same name. But it different

You can see the log

Indeed and very interesting. B-(

Try deleting with Compass.

Is this database reasonably small? If dropping the collection in Compass or another tool doesn’t work, you can use mongodump to dump it out, then dropDatabase(), then delete the physical file in the dump directory corresponding to this collection, and then mongorestore the dump (without the problematic collection)…


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I tried use Compass in the first time. But Compass can read non UTF-8 string

In Compass my database don’t show collections and size

I used _MONGOSH tab in Compass and run the command
And it show:
BSONError: Invalid UTF-8 string in BSON document

My database have a collection with 3.2B documents (size: 1.3 TB). It’s not collection “logs_t�est” but this collection is in that database

Although I still query normally in that database with mongoshell and Nodejs with option enableUtf8Validation: false. But I can’t use Compass to interacting with my data

It annoys me.

Do you know anyway to pass option enableUtf8Validation: false in Compass?

I think I know how you can do this in the shell. At least the old shell …

 array = db.getCollectionNames();
 array[4]  // check which one is the 'bad' one

I think passing the name through without any cutting and pasting may successfully access the collection…



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