How to download the stable version of the mongodb compass

Every time I click on the download button it asks for businees email and company name.

Please give your emailid and company/student and continue

Actually I provided my email id and all the information that were asked but when I hit the submit button it doesn’t start the download.
I have tried many times with other email id too.

Hi @Nikhil_97724,

Please share the Operating System and the browser that you are using. Please try to restart the browser and try again.


windows 8.1 and google chrome

I extracted the file but their wasn’t a executable file to run.

Ok, sorry. That is debian package for linux os. Let me see if there is a link for Windows version.

Windows Link:
exe file:

msi file:

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Hi @Nikhil_97724,

Are you still facing issues in downloading Compass?

Please try downloading Compass using other browsers except chrome.

If the problem persists, please let me know.