How to downgrade MongoDB Version from 5.0 to 4.4 on MongoDB Atlas

Hi All
Our current production MongoDB version is 4.4. We are planning to upgrade the MongoDB version to 5.0. We already made application-specific changes to support MongoDB 5.0.
Does MongoDB Atlas support downgrading the MongoDB version to 4.4 from MongoDB 5.0 to support rollback if we find some application-specific issues during migration?
This is just for an extra level of safety so that if something breaks the application after the 5.0 upgrade then we can revert everything and fix it later.
Please help us. Thanks in advance.


Hey @DevOps_Operation,

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You will not be able to revert your cluster to MongoDB version 4.4 if it is upgraded to MongoDB version 5.0 as you cannot downgrade a cluster’s MongoDB version noted on the documentation here. Please refer to the similar thread here:

Hope this helps!