How to delete dev support plan without dev suppport page

Hello everyone !
I just created an account on atlas, imported datas and connected to the db successfully. But when then i tried to store the data in a variable and at this moment mongodb pretend that connection is not working. Support chat told me that in order to get help about it, I have to pay 50 euros per month and there is a one month trial.
So I took the dev support trial month and after a day only i tried to connect to the dev support portal where i had my case and systematically got a blank page.
Now i’m embarked in the perspective of paying 50EUR by month for an inexisting support, and opportunely for MongoDB, its hard to cancel a dev support subscription when the dev support page is no longer showing up.

Can anyone help to delete the dev support plan with other ways?

Thank you in advance

I noticed you had no response here: have you gotten this squared away? If not please request assistance in the in-UI chat (lower right)