How to connect to mongodb server with SSL/TLS Enabled without using cert on client side?

Is there a way to connect to a mongodb server without passing the cert files (.csr, .crt, .pem) on the client side having SSL/TLS enabled on the server? We are trying to figure out how do our App Servers will connect without the need for certificates since we are using App services on Azure.

if mongo cluster simply uses tls (not mTLS), then clients don’t have to pass any certs to server

Hello @Kobe_W are you referring to this one?

yes. But i don’t fully understand your wording in your question, so not sure if this is what your want.

Sorry about that. I just want to know if it is possible for clients to connect to mongodb server with TLS enabled without having to pass the .crt or .pem file in the connection string.

Here is my tls config for my mongodb server:

  port: 27017
    mode: requireTLS
    certificateKeyFile: C:\Program Files\OpenSSL\bin\mongodb2.pem

Not sure if there’s such an option in connection string, but looks like the client has to pass a tlsCAFile in order to validate mongo server’s certificate.