How to connect to mongo db from different aws region?

Hello, folks!

I need to connect my service from another AWS region into my MongoDB Atlas Cluster.

Using Private Link, how is this possible?

- Application in us-east-2.
- Mongo DB Atlas cluster in us-east-1.

If I just create a Private Link in us-east-2, will it work?
Or do I need to maintain VPC compatibility between us-east-1 (MongoDB) and us-east-2 (Application)? What is the best approach?

Note: In the future the application will be migrated to us-east-1.

Hi @Leonardo_Augusto_Gallo - Welcome to the community :wave:

From the Set Up a Private Endpoint documentation:

  • To connect to Atlas database deployments using AWS PrivateLink from regions in which you haven’t deployed a private endpoint connection, you must peer VPCs in those regions to VPCs in a region in which you have deployed a private endpoint connection.To learn about inter-region VPC peering, see the AWS documentation.

I believe in your particular example based off the information provided, you’ll need to set up a VPC in Region us-east-1 and have the private link and private endpoint associated with the Atlas connection in this VPC.

You would then need to set up VPC peering between your 2 VPC’s (Your AWS VPC us-east-1 ← VPC peering → Your AWS VPC us-east-2). Essentially the connection / traffic from your Application in us-east-2 would go through the VPC peering to your VPC in region us-east-1 which would then go via the private endpoint / private link to the Atlas cluster in us-east-1.

In saying the above, since you’ll move the application to us-east-1 eventually, you would then no longer need us-east-2 VPC or the inter-region VPC peering connection when this happens assuming nothing else changes.

Hope this helps and let us know if you require any further help from the MongoDB Atlas side.


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