How to configure Replication ? 2 node set/clsuter

Dear Folks,

As an SQL DBA, I am able to create windows cluster and alwaysons on virtual machines.I created VMs, configured domains, created AD group and accounts, and set up the cluster. with 2 node clsuter with one domain.

As i started learning the MongoDb

Specifically, I’m interested in finding out how to configure mongodb replication from scratch.

Would you mind sharing the basci steps for Windows?


I strongly recommend that you take M001 to start with. And if you want to setup a cluster, take M103 next. Both from MongoDB University.

You may also try to jump start with

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Hi Steeve,

I appreciate your prompt response.
There are many forums and blogs/recorded videos available to SQL Database Adminstartion.
There were no more blogs to be found for MongoDB.

Sure, I’ll follow the mongodb forum


Hi @Bhaskar_Reddy,

There is a tutorial to Deploy a Replica Set in the MongoDB documentation.

One important note: replica sets elect (and maintain) a primary based on consensus of a strict majority of voting members, which means that the minimum number of voting members in a replica set is 3 in order to have the key benefit of fault tolerance.

If you have a replica set with only 2 configured voting members, there would be no primary if either member is unavailable. This is to avoid scenarios like a network partition where the replica set members are healthy and both sides could try to elect a primary. There can only be one primary for a replica set, and it will be in the network partition which has a strict majority (n/2 + 1) of n voting replica set members.


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