How to check trigger logs

How exactly do we check trigger log? My trigger log does not display console.log or errors.

The following “delete trigger” codes work fine when I test it in your web ui, but doesn’t work when I delete from database. I can see the trigger executed with only 8ms ran.

exports = async function(changeEvent) {

  console.log('changeEvent.operationType', changeEvent.operationType)
  const docId = changeEvent.documentKey._id;

  const mongodb ='Cluster0');
  const photoCollection = mongodb.db("myDB").collection("photos");
  const s3 ='AWS_S3').s3("ap-southeast-1");
  const document = await photoCollection.find({ "property_id": docId }).toArray()
  const photos_to_delete = => ({ Key: key._id.toString() }));
  console.log('photos_to_delete', JSON.stringify(photos_to_delete))
     try {
          const result = await s3.DeleteObjects({
            "Bucket": "mybucket",
            "Delete": { Objects: photos_to_delete }
     } catch(err) {
       console.log('s3 error', err)
 return photoCollection.deleteMany({ "property_id": docId });