How to check if we are using MongoDB Ops Manager or not

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We are using mongodb single instance in docker container, how I can confirm if I am using MongoDB Ops Manager , my current mongodb version is 4.4 & 5.0

I want to confirm if we have that in our instance configured or not, we have not done any additional settings for MongoDB Ops Manager.

Please guide,

If your instance is managed by Ops Manager you will have an agent running. Usually I pgrep mms to find a running agent(mongodb-mms-automation-agent). If you’re not using the MongoDB Enterprise Kubernetes Operator you will have deployed a custom container with the agent installed.

You will also have one or more Ops Manager servers running, usually behind a load balanacer and a supporting AppDB which is a replica set.

You will also be running mongodb enterprise advance and have an account, agreement and account manager with MongoDB as this is licensed software.

Typically this is not something an organisation is unaware of.

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