How to bulk update, and get back an array with objects containing subset fields of the updated docs?

Hi team, I have a setup that involves a many to many relationship. I am trying to provide a list of ids, for which i need to find each document, and add to the document the new id of the parent i am trying to create a new link for.
To elaborate, I have a list of menus, and a list of menu items. I want to provide a list of menu item ids, that will reference the menu it should belong to. However, the single menu does not only consist of ids. I have duplicated data to optimize the find attempts, and this duplicated data is a subset of the menu item. As a result, when i find and update the menu item to include its new single menu item parent, i want to get back a subset of all the menu item documents affected, to then provide to the menu.

How best can I accomplish this? For now this seems to work, but im wondering if it can be attained in a one shot query

    const menuItems = await Promise.all( (menuItemId) => {
        const { name, category, price, averageRating, images = {}, id } = await MenuItemModel.findByIdAndUpdate(menuItemId, {
            $addToSet: { singleMenus: singleMenuId }
        }, {
            new: true,
            runValidators: true

        return {
            defaultImage: images.defaultImage,