How to build mongodb without glibcxx?

I use " strings Mongodb4.4.2 |grep GLIBC", the output don’t have “GLIBCXX…” and “CXXABI…”. But I build with gcc8.2, the binary will have “GLIBCXX…” and “CXXABI…”, and it can’t run in with low version.

Hi @zeyn_wang -

I think what you are asking is why the officially released MongoDB 4.4 binaries don’t have a runtime dependency on the C++ runtime libraries, but when you build from source, you find that they do. Are you asking how you can create MongoDB binaries from source that are more like the official binaries and do not have a dependency on the system C++ runtime, such that you can run them on older systems?



Thanks for your reply. That’s what I want to ask, I wish it can run them on older systems.

How to compile without ?

add "LINKFLAGS=-static-libstdc++ " to fix it