How to backup and restore replica environment in case of catastrophic failure

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Setup environment:

-Replica 1
-Replica 2
Arbiter - acting as heartbeat
Does anyone have a experience how to backup this setup? And also in case of catastrophic failure you loose all the servers. How do you rebuild this environment and restore your data?

Hi @Thuso_Ramosu

You might find the relevant procedures in these pages:

However I find this sentence in your post curious:

Arbiter - acting as heartbeat

What do you mean by “heartbeat”, exactly? An arbiter in a replica set functions as a tiebreaker for primary election. They allow you to have a primary in case your secondary is down in a PSA (primary-secondary-arbiter) setup. However they also come with their own disadvantages (cannot confirm majority write, writes to the primary can be rolled back, etc.). This setup is quite inferior to a PSS (primary-secondary-secondary) setup in terms of high availability & data integrity, so you might want to deploy them with caution and know their limitations.

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