How to avoid repitition in MongoDB collection?

I want to create a collection for the list of universities that had a particular number of intake in a particular academic year(E.g: 2021-22). The problem encountered is that the universities that exist before a particular academic year (E.g: 2020-21) also exist in the next year(2021-22),and this results in a lot of repeated data. Is there a way to build a query that includes entries of and before the years searched? Is there any other way to handle this problem in MongoDB? Also,how do we handle if a university is closed?

Probably the first step is to look at your data model.
How is your collection (or collections) structured?

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Before responding to your query, I want to be clarified to your question as I can see two things you have asked here.

Do you need assistance on to create collection as per the requirement or you need to help on to create query?

After your response, we may discuss about how to design your requirement and then the query.

Looking forward to responding. Thanks , Have a good day .