How to apply regex on integer values in mongodb

I am using mongo aggregation like match,project,sort.
generation of query is happenning based on multiple crierias


Using Aggregation like:-

   match(new Criteria.andOperator(criteriaList)),

zipCode is string as of now but is there any way I can apply regex on zipCode or any Integer values. and also sort string(number) values based on integer sort order ascending or descending .

hi @shailee_kumari ,

By definition regex is applied on strings so I don’t see how it can work on int field.

What you can do is convert the string into an integer on your projection stage and therefore application will receive a numeric value if it needs to. But for regex search I would store as string.


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Is there any reason you need it to be a number? You can sort strings, especially zip codes as they are normalized to same number of characters the sort should be exactly equivalent as if they were converted to numbers…