How to add more than one collection in Mongo source config?

So I am using Mongo kafka connector as a source and here is my config

  "name": "MONGO_SO",
  "config": {
    "connector.class": "com.mongodb.kafka.connect.MongoSourceConnector",
    "errors.log.include.messages": "true",
    "publish.full.document.only": "false",
    "tasks.max": "1",
    "": "updateLookup",
    "collection": "coupon",
    "key.converter.schemas.enable": "false",
    "topic.prefix": "",
    "database": "",
    "": "5000",
    "connection.uri": "",
    "name": "MONGO_SOU",
    "value.converter.schemas.enable": "false",
    "copy.existing": "true",
    "value.converter": "org.apache.kafka.connect.json.JsonConverter",
    "errors.log.enable": "true",
    "key.converter": "org.apache.kafka.connect.json.JsonConverter",
    "poll.max.batch.size": "1000"

I want my multiple collections to migrate. According to documentation it looks like only one collection is supported.Any way to include more than one collection in the config? Any thing to change in config to achieve this ?

Hi @R_C ,

See the documentation: multiple sources it has exactly what you are looking for:

pipeline=[{"$match": {"ns.coll": {"$regex": "/^(coll1|coll2)$/"}}}]