How to accept a peering connection on AWS after using CfnNetworkPeering?

I am using the awscdk-resources-mongodbatlas package to create a VPC peering connection between my MongoDB instance and my AWS VPC. Using CfnNetworkPeering, it was able to create all the necessary peering resources, but I seem to have no way to accept the peering request and have to go onto the web UI to manually accept it. (Accept a VPC peering connection - Amazon Virtual Private Cloud). Am I missing something or is there no way to accomplish this using code?

Hi Danny_Yang, do you mind sharing a bit more information so we can properly help. Best place for this question would be at our GitHub CDK Repo (Issues · mongodb/awscdk-resources-mongodbatlas · GitHub). Please make sure to include which version of CDK / CFN resources that you are using as well as AWS region you are attempting to deploy into in case we need to reproduce issue on our side. Thanks!