How the charge for mongodb atlas is 72hrs per day?

so i got my first invoice about the most simple & cheapest plan in atlas.

i was shocked when the total amount was 21$ even when I purchased the plan at the half of the month,
and even that my application isn’t live for use (only me use for dev usage).

I opened the deatiled invoice and saw -

  1. I got a lot of payment row (each day & type), 72 server hrs for a single day.
  2. I’ve got charged per each day… full (more then full) == 72 hrs charged
  3. Not only the “server hours” is what I’m paying for, but also for the GB(?), even though it was very small amount, I would be happy to know this type of chrage.

Please, if anyone could explain how do I have got charged so much hours even the db wans’t really work so much hours really. (cases 1&2 )

Thanks in advanced.

Welcome to the MongoDB Community Forums @111965 !

Dedicated Atlas clusters (M10+) are provisioned with a minimum of 3 instances running as a replica set, which equates to 72 server hours per calendar day. Billing is based on those dedicated instances running as requested, not on the number of hours they are actually used.

If your Atlas deployment is lightly used, you have a few options to potentially save on costs:


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