How realm calculates the requests count?

I have created a trigger with linked function, it will trigger when a document insert in specified collection,

  • when it triggers the requests count increases by 3 or 4 counts, and also add some different number in app dashboard you can see in last screenshot 220
  • and it adds one log entry

Total Requests: 32

Total Logs: 8

App shows Total Requests: 220

Is there any way to see total requests count logs entry?

From my own observations, the reported number of requests doesn’t necessarily give an instantaneous count (I’ve just logged in, synced some data and executed a trigger without the number of reports increasing).

From the docs, these are the different types of events:

  • Function Executions , such as when a user calls a function from a client app or when a function calls an external service. If an executing function calls another function, Realm considers both executions as part of the same request.
  • Trigger Executions , such as when a database trigger matches a change event, a scheduled trigger is configured to fire, or an authentication triggers responds to a user login.
  • GraphQL Requests , such as when a client application issues a GraphQL query operation or calls a custom resolver.
  • Webhook Requests , such as when an external service sends a notification event or interaction payload to an incoming webhook URL.
  • Sync Operations , such as when a sync client uploads a changeset, when Realm resolves a conflict in an uploaded changeset, or when Realm sends changesets to a connected sync client.For more information on sync operations, see Realm Sync Protocol.

There should be a log entry for most of these events.