How much traffic does MongoDB's free tier Atlas receive?

I am currently developing / testing my APP on MongoDB’s free-tier Atlas. I am the only user of my APP, so I do not know how it will handle real traffic. So a proxy way to answer this question is to know how much traffic the free tier of Atlas receives.

Hey @Big_Cat_Public_Safety_Act,

May I ask what specifically you mean by “real traffic”? If you are referring to the Data Transfer limit, then you can see the documentation here for more details.

Instead of focusing on Atlas’ overall free tier limits, it might be helpful to consider monitoring your own app’s expected usage and growth. Understanding the kind of traffic reads/writes, and data storage you anticipate over time will give you a better idea of when you might need to upgrade from the free tier to avoid hitting the Atlas free tier limits.

Additionally, the Metrics view of an M0 free cluster or M2/M5 shared cluster displays only the following metrics:

  • Connections
  • Logical Size
  • Network
  • Opscounter

Perhaps the Network metric may be something you wish to monitor for this particular use case. For more information on certain metrics, please refer to the Review Available Metrics documentation.


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