How MongoSync can be done if I want to Sync two M0primary atlas clusters which are of Mongo 5.0.12

I have two Mo Primary clusters which are free clusters and if I would like to sync them using Mongosync the clusters are not responding and Since they are in 5.0.12 the process is not smooth, how to upgarde primary cluster form version 5.0.12 to 6 without upgrading it to dedicated cluster.

Hi @Ch_Sadvik welcome to the community!

Unfortunately the shared tier clusters (M0, M2, and M5) are not supported by mongosync at this moment. There are more limitations as per the page mongosync limitations; please check out the linked page for more information.

Also, it is currently not possible to upgrade the version a shared tier cluster is running. For this, please check out Atlas M0 (Free Cluster), M2, and M5 Limitations

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