How many serverless instances can I have in a project?

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I have a multi-tenant SaaS application and would want to create a serverless instance for each tenant I have. Is there any limitation on how many serverless instances I can have in a single project?

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We limit to 50 serverless instances. You can check all the serverless limitations here:

MongoDB Atlas PM - Serverless


We limit to 50 serverless instances.

Any chance to get this limit increased to at least 5,000?

I wanted to clarify here. For serverless, here are the current limits:
Max number of instances per project - 25
Max number of databases per instance - 50

So in total you can have 25x50=1250 databases per project. You can also create many projects per organization. To get to 5000, you can create 4 projects.

Also please note that Atlas dedicated clusters allow more databases depending upon which size you pick. I’d love to chat with you to understand your use case in more depth. I’ll DM you my calendly link.

MongoDB Atlas Serverless PM team


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