How do I use indexes?

I’ve had an index named ‘id’ for a long time. But it seems no matter how I set it up, have tried different ways multiple times, its not being used and my bill is through the roof. But the only way to reduce the bill is using the indexes but I can’t figure out how to switch the index being used.

Above is the attached indexes

This is the data per document. 313 documents total

Hey @Jacob_N_A2,

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Could you please share the query you are running against this collection? It will allow us to replicate the issue in our environment and help you better. Meanwhile, you can refer to Text Indexes - documentation to read more about it.

In case if your data is hosted on MongoDB Atlas, you may want to explore MongoDB’s enhanced full-text search solution called Atlas Search. However, to better assist you, could you please share the specific use case you are trying to address?

Looking forward to your response.

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