How do I setup a MongoDB APT mirror - not a MongoDB mirror

I asked this on the ubuntu one forum but have not had an answer yet, so hoping someone can answer asap on here.


I need to setup an apt mirror for mongodb on a DMZ server.

I have read lots of posts that discuss keys, but they are all installing mongodb on the server itself, not actually creating a mongdb mirror that other servers can connect to, to do an apt update/apt upgrade.

The repo server as I call it has apt mirror for ubuntu 18.04.
I have also installed the keys for mongodb 18.04 on this repo server and can see two keys for mongodb when I execute apt-key list.

Whenever I try to apt update on another remote server pointed to this repo server, when it comes to mongodb, apt say InRelease is not signed.

Thanks for any help given.

MongoDB may not allow ‘mirroring’ per se.

I’ve used a couple of projects before as a caching apt server. Apt-cacher-ng is one example.