How do I re-install old collection*.wt files from Windows 10

My computer had been corrupted but I was able to recover all of my database files. So I bought a new computer and installed everything back.

I tested the new installation first and it seems to be working. Then replaced the default db folder with the old db folder I have but it won’t open the MongoDB instance because of errors. Are the databases tied to a firmware or something?

Because with MySQL (I also have a MySQL db and it also got corrupted), I just overwrote the db folder and the databases are there regardless of the version.

Also, I would like to note that I installed the old 3.6 version of MongoDB as this was the one installed in my computer before it crashed so as to have no compatibility problems.

My operating system is Windows 10.

I hope someone here replies because it’s been 12 days and @Ari_24 still haven’t got any reply regarding a similar problem we have. Thank you.

This poster is missing a file, so it is a different scenario.

This is usually the way.

The actual error will help immensely.

I was finally able to recover my original database after 2 years. So in case anyone here had a problem similar to mine, here’s what I did.

First, I installed version 3.6 of MongoDB which was the version from which the originating database came from. Then I use --repair. Unfortunately, that did not work. I end up installing all versions of MongoDB currently still available for community download. That’s about 8 MongoDB versions currently residing in my computer.

I also did --repair for each of them and most of them it did not work. But after trying the repair for version 4.0, it sort of worked. The repair was successful but according to the error log, there’s missing UUID in the admin.system collection and so the 4.0 version is not compatible with the 3.6 database.

So I switch back to 3.6 and there it is, I was now able to view my data.

So to sum it up, installed version 4.0, used repair, switched back to 3.6 opened it up, export them, and import to the newer version (as of this writing 5.0.2).

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