How do I import data into a class with an ObjectId via CSV import within Realm Studio?

I’m getting an error attempting to import data with a CSV via Realm Studio.

My class has 5 property’s, _id (objectId), value (float), createdAt(date), timestamp(date) and unit(string).
My _id is an objectId, set as the Primary Key.

Failed to import data. Parsing error at line 0, expected type “objectId” but got “62950a7fb786e7670db2b967” for column “_id”. Error details: Error: Importing data of type “objectId” is not supported.

No problem, so I try importing without including that property, thinking Realm Studio would generate and I get:
Failed to import data Missing value for property ‘Glucose._id’.

So I figured I’d leave it null:
Same as first one.

Is there a way to get Realm Studio to generate my objectId for me in the CSV? I haven’t been able to find anything in help to work around this.

This is a very good question but at this time I don’t believe there’s a direct answer as RealmStudio cannot import ObjectId fields (this has been an ongoing issue IMO).


I think it can be done with

Thanks for the response Jay, I don’t have the MongoDB Database Tools installed, so I guess I’ll give that a go. QA is trying to find a way to share datasets between team members easily so not all options are at all disposal, the easy Realm Studio option of Import Data from > CSV was a very appealing option. I’ll see if I can get mongoimport working.