How do I get The _id inside campaignID?

“campaignID”: {
“network”: {
“primary”: “61c553430c61c7ef2aeb1755”,
“secondary”: “61c553430c61c7ef2aeb1755”
“linkURL”: “”,
“_id”: “61c6a74d0c61c7ef2aeb24d4”,
“status”: false,
“published”: false,
“created”: “Wed Dec 15 2021 12:52:06 GMT+0300 (East Africa Time)”,
“__v”: 0
“label”: “How is Web3?”,
“values”: [
“good, bad, very bad”
“_id”: “62878191ed8c11dbbfa5c5b2”,
“__v”: 0

Read Formatting code and log snippets in posts and update the published document so that we can cut-n-paste it.

You requirement is not clear. Which _id? You have 2 in the publish document and 61c6a74d0c61c7ef2aeb24d4 is already a field of compaignID.

I need to get this id 61c6a74d0c61c7ef2aeb24d4

The field is referred as "campaignID._id".