How do I do the update Mongo from 4.2.14-ent to 6.0

Hello there,
I have this situation. 10 Mongos where the release is 4.2.14-ent, I need to update to 6.0 release. I already know that I can’t do the upgrade to the 6.0 in one shot but prior to that release I have to install some intermediate versions. Other than that the type of the installation of the binary files, as I can see on the Ops Manager is local.
Even the Ops Manager has to be updated. So which one is better to update first? Ops Manager or Mongo?
For you experience what I have to do order to run the update smoothly? Is that correct that I have to upgrade to 4.4 release first, then I can do the update to 6.0 directly?

Hi @Enrico_Bevilacqua1

To manage 6.0 deployments Ops Manager will need to be at 6.0.

Step though the upgrades of the Ops Manger to Ops Manager 6.0. Remember to upgrade the AppDB backing the Ops Manager installation and the OplogDB if you have one.

I assume you mean this is running with the download mode set to local. Make sure you update the Version Manifest and have the latest versions for 4.2,4.4, 4.4, 5.0 and 6.0 populated in Ops Managers Versions directory.

Then use OM to upgrade the deployment to the latest 4.2.

Then you can start upgrading the major versions. 4.2 → 4.4 → 5.0 → 6.0

In fact I’d recommend you to open a support case and have MongoDB Support guide you through the entire process.

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Thank you for your reply.