How do I connect MongoDB Atlas to cPanel

How do I connect MongoDB Atlas to cPanel?
Is it possible to use MongoDB Atlas and deploy backend NodeJS and frontend ReactJS in cPanel?
If so, do you have any documentation?

Welcome to the MongoDB community @Md_Islam!

MongoDB Atlas is a managed database service which you can administer using the Atlas web UI, API, or mongocli Command Line Interface. Atlas does not include support for hosting application backends like Node.js, however there is an integrated serverless platform called MongoDB Realm which you can use to run backend data services including functions and triggers. MongoDB Realm has various SDKs (including a Web SDK you can call from JavaScript and TypeScript applications) that enable you to write client applications interacting with backend data services which are written in JavaScript. MongoDB Realm’s serverless functions support using a subset of Node.js packages as External Dependencies.

cPanel is a web hosting panel for managing hosted applications, and is commonly available on shared or managed application hosting services. You can use cPanel to manage your application environment and connect to a MongoDB Atlas database cluster. However, I’m not aware of any specific integration (or need for integration) with Atlas. You should just have to configure your Atlas IP security and use the standard approach to Connect via a Driver. If you are running an application server, you will generally want to choose an Atlas cloud provider & region which is close (by network proximity) in order to minimise network latency for application requests.

If you’re having trouble connecting to Atlas, there are some great Connection Tutorials in the documentation and a guide to Troubleshooting Connection Issues.

You can also ask for feedback and suggestions in the community forums.


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