How do I access values passed through `let` in AggregateOptions

I have a standard view created for a set of data. The calculations it makes are dependent upon a date. In the current form, I make use of MongoDB’s $$NOW variable, but I would like to pass a custom date to use in the first stage of the view (primarily for testing since I can’t figure out another way to mock the server time).

The AggregateOptions documentation indicates I should be able to do this and access the value through $$var

In searching MongoDB docs, I’m not finding reference to $$var; these only system variables I see.

I’ve been unable to figure out how I access this value.

Can someone explain it to me, please? Or, point me in the right direction?

UPDATE: In no small part, the problem I’m getting is that if I try to access the variable in my view definition, I get Invalid $set :: caused by :: Use of undefined variable: myDate