How Can i use two databases with one GUI

Hi all.
I am currently doing a project that requires me to build one MongoDB database and one separate Oracle SQL database and then build a GUI to swap between the two database to view the data which is the same for both.

I am not sure how to model these so that i can swap between them and update them at the same time? I am using Intellij with Glassfish and netbeans.

I have been searching for information to help me understand but i guess im not looking at the right things. Any advice would be really appreciated. Thank you.

I haven’t done this before, so only have ideas.

keeping data in relational format will degrade MongoDB performance whereas having JSON might have issues in Oracle SQL.

you probably need to re-design your data structure to suit them both. using ODM/ORM frameworks would also help to use a shared data class.

regardless, this might help in using JSON in Oracle SQL: How to Store, Query, and Create JSON Documents in Oracle Database