How can i storage a schedual?

as a studient in wep development i am working on a E-Learning project using react and mongodb , i looking for a way to storage the desponiblity of cochers , i have thought about making it as a n object type but accessing each data and manipulating it will complicate the work , i was wondering if their is any shortcut to that , or a fonction or even a data type that i may not be aware of , the format of the schedual needs to be presented this way :
days of the week and time for each hour from 8 am to 8 pm
for each coche i am required to know his availability for each hour and it must be one of three values : available || not available || could be available
and then with that data it will presented in tow ways for the clients :
a full version ( a fully detailed table with each day and it’s hours (8am to 8 pm ) )
a smaller virsion that divise those 12 h into 3 groups and calculating availbility ( exemple if he is availble from 8 am to 10 am but from 10 to 12 am he is not available it will be represented with green color box that is only 50% green towards grey , but if he is fully available in the morning 8am to 12 am it will be a 100% green box with 0 scaling to grey ))

ik i went too much in the details but i wanted to be fully understood , and for those of you who read this ik you oveslly spoted that i am a beginner , and for that i asking for your assitance on how to manage such a probleme from both db wise and node js server side ( how to adress the data and how to manipulate it ) , and a littel bit in the frontend side ( :slight_smile: full stack this task :slight_smile: )