How can I shut up (quiet) only certain logging components, keep others active?

hi gurus,

we run community version 4.4.2 on 90 shards of 3 shard servers each, on Ubuntu 18.04, XFS filesystems, LXC containers (= 1 shard server per container, per filesystem) on 36 physical servers (HP Proliant DL380 dual CPU, >=130GB RAM)

We do NOT run any queries. We are ONLY (so far) loading data with “mongoimport”.

The CPUs of nearly all physical servers are dramatically loaded (“uptime” figures of > 300 !!), no processes are ‘blocked’ on I/O (such as filesystem activities), no shortage at all of RAM (“free” shows > 60GB free RAM on each server).

Still the crazy CPU load causes many delays between the shard servers trying to connect to each other, and very regularly a shard server (“mongod” process) shuts down because it failed to connect (NetworkTimeout).

One possible cause that I investigate now for the high CPU usages, is the massive amounts of logs generated by the “mongod” processes: some 2G lines per day.

To reduce this, I found that we can configure the quiet logging, but this seems to quiet ALL components of the logging. I would like to quiet only certain components, such as the “NETWORK” component (contributes to some 80% of our logs).

All log verbosity is already set to 0 (= lowest possible value).

Is it possible to set the “quiet” config option only on some specific components, such as


The documentation describes only the possibility to set “quiet” for ALL syslogging:

  quiet: 1