How can i move a project to another account?

Can I move a project to another account (different company)?

Hi @Manos_Valergakis! Welcome to the community. Do you mean moving an Atlas project onto a different company account in Atlas? Or do you mean to another platform? Regarding the latter: You can absolutely move data to another service or to a self hosted MongoDB deployment. Certain features like Charts, Atlas Triggers and Realm Sync will not be available on other platforms but if you are only using the core database you can move the data whenever you want (you can get the data with mongoexport for example). Do you have a particular one in mind?

Hi @Naomi_Pentrel. Thank you for your response.
Yes, I want to move a project to an other company in Atlas.
I have already chat with someone (named Disha) form Mongo Support and he write me that there isn’t any automation online tool to migrate a project to an other account in Atlas :frowning_face: … so, I used mongodumb backup!

Hi Manos,

I’m sorry to see this too late: you got some incorrect information.

You can move an Atlas Project between two Atlas Organizations if you’re an Organization Owner of both: see


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