How can I insert null in date data type of MongoDB

q1) pls tell how can I do it using mongo compass and also from mongo shell in date datatype

for ex we keep date in this formate , what i have to do is, i want to keep it null
and want to filter it in c# using mongo driver.

  "dateFrom": {
        "$date": {
            "$numberLong": "1569888000000"
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Hello, @Rajesh_Yadav!
If I understood you correctly, you want to have property ‘d’ in the document, that would contain integer representation of date or null, if date is not provided?
If so, consider this mongo shell example:

const intDate =;
db.your_collection.insert({ d: intDate });
db.your_collectoin.insert({ d: null });

You can also add some validation for ‘d’ property:

db.createCollection('your_collection', {
  validator: {
    $jsonSchema: {
      bsonType: 'object',
      required: [ 'd' ],
      properties: {
        d: {
          bsonType: ['double', 'null'],

With the above validator, you will be able to insert either int or null as a value for property ‘d’. Property ‘d’ is required (must always be present in any inserted document).