How can I get the result breakdown percentage?

I can’t able to see the result


If you haven’t received your result yet, kindly mail our Certification Team at to request it and they’ll provide it to you.


I tried but there is no reply status: open more than a day.

Thank you for your patience. I’m glad that we were able to resolve your issue and provide you with your score report. As a note, the MongoDB certification team operates weekdays from 9am-6pm EST. Our team is located in the US and yesterday was a US holiday.

To anyone else who is curious about the score report for certification exams, a breakdown of the exam categories and your score (as a percentage) in each of them is provided immediately after you’ve taken your exam. This screen also tells you whether or not you passed the exam. You will be sent a copy of this score report automatically upon completion. You can also request a copy by reaching out to the certification team.

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