Hosting using MongoAtlas

I need some information on difference in having free service and paid one for using cluster, and what is connection of MongoAtlas cluster with Google Cloud or AWS, also expiry of free cluster, storage limits and ability to use it for hosting sites with GoDaddy, as it works fine with Heroku, what will be exact procedure

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Free clusters have more limited resources (512MB data, shared RAM), throughput, and configuration options. These clusters are intended for learning and development purposes, and will be less performant compared to paid cluster options with more resources (and dedicated resources for M10+ clusters).

For more details see Atlas M0 (Free Cluster), M2, and M5 Limitations.

You can see cluster tier costs and associated resources in Atlas by choosing a Cluster Tier, cloud provider, and location. Values may vary depending on your selections of cluster tier, cloud provider and region.

There is no expiry option for a free cluster. If your cluster is inactive for an extended period, you will receive email notification before it is automatically paused:

Atlas automatically pauses M0 free clusters after 60 days of inactivity where there are zero connections to the cluster. You can resume the cluster at any time. You will receive email notifications warning if one of your clusters is scheduled to be paused.

You should be able to connect to your Atlas deployment from any application hosting environment. Please refer to Connect to a Database Deployment for tutorials and troubleshooting information.