Homework explanation please


I just finished chapter 1: Introduction on M001: MongoDB Basics. I got 54% on homework and I missed the quiz 3 times total… 2 times on 1 and 1 times on another one. Can you explain how it works, please. And I also wonder if I need to do something else this week, I completed all the 26 items.
Thank you very much for any help

If you have completed all 26 items that should be fine
Please check course an overview pages
You just need to wait for next weeks chapters to open

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Hi Steacy_Paquette_08422,

The Quizes are un-graded. So, that does not count in your Overall grade.

Overall Grade = ( Labs + Final Exam ) / 2

You just need to wait for next Chapter to start which is starting from Apr 09, 17:00 UTC.


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