High system memory consumption

I’m having a high consumption of system memory on my server, but I can’t quite figure out what is using so much memory. Can someone help me with the command to visualize what is being used in memory?

I currently have 4GB of RAM, 3.6GB of RAM is in constant use.

Hi @Saulo_Lago,

To start to answer this question we need the following information:

  • Is this an Atlas cluster?
  • What size of server are you running?
  • How many clients are connecting?

If not then:

  • What operating system are you on?
  • What version of MongoDB are you running?
  • Are you running a replica set on the server?


Hi, I am also facing same issue, i am using a atlas cluster M40 with 16G of memory and i am getting that 15 G memory is used while checking with realtime.

Hi @Ashish_Tiwari1,

How big is the data set in your cluster? What queries are you running on it?


Hi @Ashish_Tiwari1 and @Saulo_Lago,

Having servers utilising most memory does not necessary means there is a memory bottleneck. If your application operations and overall SLA is not showing any bad signs I would not worry about it.

Having said that, since our support are the personal who can analyse specific Atlas performance issues I suggest you consider opening a support request on the Atlas support tab.

Best regards,

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